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Beacon Monitoring

Question asked by Caroline Gessner on Jul 14, 2017 09:24 EDT

Hello there, I am working on an app that is supposed to react to several beacons. All the beacons use the same UUID, but are seperated into different major-groups and  have their own minor-value. I know I have to create a beaconRegion, but I'm not quite sure how I can cover several majors and minors. As far as I understand - according to - the minor value is optional, which makes sense. Can I just leave it out or do I have to null it? And according to the same page the major is "A number that contains groups related sets of beacons", which isn't really clear to me what it's supposed to mean. Please help me with this example: several beacons have the major 1, some more have major 49 and the last group has major 100 - do I have to setup 3 beacon Regions to watch them all? Or can I set it to 100 and all groups with lower numbers will be monitored as well?   Thanks in advance,   Caroline Gessner