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adfs login implementation in kony6.5

Question asked by dhiraj chaudhary on Mar 28, 2017 03:50 EDT

I have a requirement where in Login screen once user enters Userid, a service is called which gives url in response and i have to navigate to browser widget with that url. In browser user has to enter Username and Password and click login it will come to Dashboard screen. To get data in dashboard screen i need to pass EmpId and key as input in service but i am unable to get those input param due to ADFS implementation in the web application. However for normal login, after entering UserId based on response i will show password and entering password i will click login. on clicking of login other service is called which gives empid and key in response and we are able to get data in dashboard. How to read input param from the web application to which it is redirecting in case of ADFS? Also how to implement ADFS in Kony 6.5.

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