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Configure Log Levels from Admin Console

Ajay Bhat - Feb 13, 2017 - Integration

Logging and diagnosability are important 'features' in themselves, as they help developers and admins with troubleshooting and pinpointing issues with minimum hassle. In this post, Nagesh Santhapuri discusses how to configure log levels dynamically from the Admin Console to help with troubleshooting and diagnostics.

In Kony MobileFabric 7.2.5, we have introduced a UI-based setting to configure the log levels from Mobile Fabric Integration Server Console. This helps in configuring the log levels for a:

  1. Particular class or package and
  2. Configure filter to enable logging for particular client IP or User ID or Service Name.

This can be achieved without restarting the application server.

  1. Configure Log Level for class/package
    • Logging page appears on click of the Settings tab in the left panel of Admin console.Log settings
    • Provide the class/package name in the section Log Level by Class for which Log Level needs to be changed.
    • You can set the log level for each class/package, by selecting level in the dropdown on the right side.
    • Click on Save button once you are done with all the configurations.
  2. Set log Levels for Client IP, Login ID and Service ID
    • In the Logging page go to Log Level by Client Filter section as shown below:
    • Log Level by Client Filter settings
    • IP address option
    • Select IP Address in the Select Parameter drop down and provide the Client IP address in the adjacent text box and select Log Level.
    • Click on Save button once added.
    • Similarly, for a Login ID and Service ID, examples are shown below:
    • Login ID option
    • Service ID option
    1. Enable Log Level Override from Client
      • This allows the client to send a request header named X-Kony-Log-Level-Override to the server during a service invocation and set the server side log level for that specific request allowing the client to turn on and off debug for their session.
      • Go to the Log Level by Client Filter section of the Logging page.
      • Enable the check box "Enable Log Level Override from Client" to enable Log Level override from client.