Updates - Android N Compatibility

Android N Backward Compatibility Impact on Kony Apps


Starting from Android N, the Android system prevents applications from dynamically linking against non-NDK libraries and shows error messages when running applications.


The Kony Android framework depends on libcrypto.so for certain operations (such as javascript code decryption, kony.crypto.saveKey() for crypto keys encryption and kony.crypto.readKey for crypto keys decryption). Prior to Android N, the Crypto library was not being bundled with apps explicitly as this increases the size of APK. Now, due to the Android N mandate to bundle native libraries, we are seeing warning messages/alerts to bundle Crypto library into Kony apps when running in Android N devices.


libcrypto.a is statically linked with Kony framework native libraries to resolve the issue.

Please rebuild the existing app with new Android N compatibility plugins and submit to play store to avoid the error message/dialog when running application on Android N devices.

Release Plan for Kony Compatible Plugins for Android N GA

Kony’s Android N Compatible PluginCompatible Plugin Release Date6.5Aug 26th 20166.0Aug 30th 20165.6Aug 30th 20167.1Sept 7th 2016

All support will be delivered within 30 business days from GA release, as defined by the Kony SLA and is applicable to all Kony supported active versions. For any support required on End of life versions (< 5.6), kindly get in touch with our customer success representative.

Kony Compatible Plugins – Android N

Kony's Android N Compatible PluginRelease Notes

AND–GA– (Phone)

AND–GA– (Tablet)

Android N Release Notes

These Plugins are certified on Android N GA and are available through the update site.

AND–GA– (Phone)

AND–GA– (Tablet)

AND–GA– (Phone)

AND–GA– (Tablet)

AND-GA- (Phone)

AND-GA- (Tablet)

Kony MobileFabric Android N Compatibility

On Management, Android N compatibility is already enabled on EMM 4.1 and EMM 4.0. For EMM 3.5.x, the compatibility releases are not planned. For more details, please refer below.

EMM Android N Compatible Plugins

EMM VersionCompatible Android N PluginEMM 4.1EMM-GA-

Please refer to release notes in downloads /hot fix site

Please refer to release notes in downloads /hot fix site.EMM 3.5.1Support for Android N not planned for this version.
For any further queries in this regard, please connect with the Customer Success Team or via Kony Helpdesk.