Support for Hot Fixes and EOL Versions

On EOL(End of Life) Versions
Kony Platform Version 6.0 (Studio/ Mobile Fabric) is reaching EOL on 30th Jan 2017. This would mean that there would be no support for this version, either on the support tickets nor on any feature requests on this version post 1st Jan 2017.
Request all customers using this version to connect with their Customer Success representative or submit a request to Kony Support to identify the next steps including participation in the extended support program or for an upgrade support to the latest supported Kony product versions.

The EOL version will not be accessible for download at post the EOL Date i.e. 30th Jan 2017.

For more details on the Kony Product versions and their EOL, please refer:
On Hot Fix Releases on Active Versions
Post Dec 1st 2016
, all hotfixes on 6.x.x versions will be released on the latest minor versions (Visualizer / MobileFabric) only. The current latest minor versions are as below:   

  1. 6.5.3
  2. 6.0.3 (Hot fixes for this version will be available until Dec 31 2016 only as this is reaching EOL on Jan 30 2017).

For 7.x versions, we shall enable support on the Server (Mobile Fabric) on all 7.x versions. For Visualizer, we shall be releasing all hot fixes on the latest minor version i.e. 7.2.x. For any exclusions or special considerations, please share the details via the support portal for the support team to review and share feedback.
On the versions planned for availability in community portal downloads pages
Going forward, these links: and (‘Previous versions’ link from main downloads page) shall be enabled to access only the latest active version per product or platform e.g. in the downloads page, only the latest GA version of the Kony products will be available for download.  The same would be true for the ‘Previous versions’ page where only the most recent release would be made available per product or platform.